East Asia Marine Services & Engineering


East Asia Marine Services & Engineering Sdn Bhd is a company that provides marine transportation services through a fleet of offshore support vessels serving every major offshore energy market in Malaysia. I first made a logo for them in 2014. As the company continues to expand in recent years, they need a comprehensive website for prospective client and internal staff to access webmail.

Visit the live website at www.eastasiamarine.com.


Logo Design
Website Design (Weebly)

The original full name “East Asia Marine Services & Engineering” was too long, we decided to shortened the name in the logo to “East Asia Marine”. The client asked for the color blue to be in their logo, and their final pick was the second logo from the left (with brighter blue colors). 

For the website, the first thing I did was coming up with a mood board and color palette that represent depth and stability. The color palette was inspired by the ocean’s color, since the ocean is such an important element to the company’s existence, and ties in strongly with everything they do. I also proposed a new color logo with the website (first one from the left)

The project presented one minor obstacle, it was a challenge to get a clear photo of the crew member, so I hand sketched the team photo from picture and turned it into a vector art in illustrator.

ea-mood board